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Play Crazy Time on Winbox | Projected the Most Popular Live Casino Game in 2024

Updated: Apr 6

Crazy Time has gained immense popularity within the live casino Malaysia community, drawing both newcomers and seasoned players alike. It offers not just entertainment but also the chance for substantial winnings, keeping players on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Evolution Games struck a chord with Crazy Time upon its release in July 2020, swiftly gaining traction for its unique features and compelling gameplay.

In this analysis, we’ll dive into the distinctive attributes, bonus rounds, and impressive rewards incorporated by Evolution Games into this game, elevating the traditional concept of spin-the-wheel to an entirely new level!

Play crazy time on winbox the most popular live casino game 2024

Overview of Crazy Time – An Electrifying Live Casino Game

Crazy Time stands out in the realm of live dealer games by offering an immersive gameplay experience that surpasses conventional online casino encounters. With its interactive elements, thrilling features, and four enticing bonus games, it promises exhilaration to players.

Moreover, the utilization of cutting-edge technology and RNG-based gameplay principles creates the potential for multipliers as high as 25,000 times the bet amount!

Recognized as the most extravagant live dealer game introduced to online casinos, Crazy Time’s spectacular appearance is matched only by its unmatched excitement, attracting players worldwide with its incredible potential for high payouts.

At its core, Crazy Time operates on the principle of a "spin the wheel" game, featuring 54 segments filled with monetary prizes ranging from one to ten times the bet amount. The inclusion of bonus rounds heightens the excitement and prospects for significant wins.

Crazy Time: Rules and Winning Strategies

Crazy Time’s rules is relatively simple. Players select a bet size and the pockets they wish to cover before the host spins the large wheel. By covering multiple pockets, players enhance their chances of landing on winning spaces.

If the wheel stops at a pocket where a player has placed a bet, they receive the corresponding payout. Additionally, if the wheel lands on a bonus segment and a player has bet on that specific pocket, they gain access to the thrilling bonus round. Exploring the offerings of each bonus round is key to both enjoyment and securing substantial cash rewards.

While success hinges on luck, devising a thoughtful betting strategy is crucial for this challenging game. Understanding the game’s odds and probabilities significantly boosts a player’s chance of success.

To maximize their winning potential, players should place higher probability bets and cover more segments of the wheel. Betting on each bonus round to cover one-sixth of the wheel emerges as a prudent tactic.


Unique Features and Bonus Rounds in Crazy Time

Crazy Time showcases a plethora of engaging features that keep players thoroughly engrossed. Comparable to a roulette wheel, players can bet on different pockets, each offering varying multipliers. Higher multipliers are less frequent, adding an extra layer of excitement.

In addition to the primary gameplay, Crazy Time includes four interactive bonus rounds, each potentially leading to significant multipliers and rewards:

Pachinko: This bonus game features a massive Pachinko wall with numerous pins. Players witness the host dropping a puck, determining the multiplier they win when it lands on a specific field. The Rescue Drop is triggered when the puck hits the two or four-times multiplier, increasing all multipliers at the wall’s bottom by two. The game continues until a player wins a multiplier, with the maximum reaching an astounding 10,000 times the bet.

Cash Hunt: Appearing on two segments of the wheel, the Cash Hunt bonus round transports players to a shooting gallery housing 108 random multipliers. Players select a target where they believe the most profitable multiplier is hidden. The cannon fires at the target, revealing the player’s score.

Coin Flip: Frequently activated and covering numerous winning segments, the Coin Flip round begins when the wheel halts at any bonus segment. Players who wagered on this section participate in the Coin Flip round, where a coin toss assigns a random multiplier to each side. The winning multiplier is determined by the upward-facing side, potentially reaching a maximum prize of 5,000 times the bet.

Crazy Time: This bonus game offers the most substantial cash rewards. While occupying only one main wheel segment, the round features an additional 64 segments with multipliers and symbols that can double or triple the payout potential. To initiate the Crazy Time bonus, players select a Blue, Red, or Yellow flapper, determining the prize. If the flapper lands on the double value, the multiplier increases by 100%. If it hits the triple value, the multiplier triples, leading to a staggering maximum multiplier of 20,000 times the bet.


Similar Live Casino Games to Explore

Besides Crazy Time, several other live casino games offer captivating gameplay and the potential for significant wins, just go to Winbox login:

Dream Catcher

Featuring a large wheel and multiple multipliers, Dream Catcher, hosted by a live dealer, delivers an entertaining gaming experience.

Monopoly Live

With action-packed bonus rounds reminiscent of Crazy Time, Monopoly Live’s board game bonus is a favorite among players.

Mega Ball

Conceptually similar to bingo, Mega Ball, hosted by a live dealer, exudes an atmosphere akin to Dream Catcher and Crazy Time, promising substantial rewards.

Sic Bo

A classic dating back to ancient China, Sic Bo, a dynamic live dealer game resembling roulette, provides ample excitement and opportunities for substantial winnings.


Join the Online Live Casino Malaysia and Play Crazy Time on Winbox

Winbox Malaysia offers an exceptional live casino experience, with Crazy Time being one of the most exhilarating games available. Players can try their luck on Crazy Time at Winbox and stand a chance to win exclusive bonuses with the Scratch & Win campaign!

New players are greeted with a generous 100% Welcome Bonus that doubles their deposit.

For those in pursuit of thrilling games and extraordinary prizes, do not hesitate to join Winbox and relish the excitement of Crazy Time and other fantastic live casino games!


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