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Top Lion King Slot Games for 2024

Updated: Apr 6

Top Lion King Slot Games for 2024

Winbox’s most popular game provider, Lion King, has a wide array of slot games under its wing. We have conducted an analysis and came to a conclusion that the below games have potential to be the most popular Winbox Lion King online slot games for 2024.

This game provider has three main types of games, namely mobile slots, slot, and progressive jackpot.

Let’s get to know the top online slot games in Malaysia to look out for in 2024!

God of Fortune 2

GOD OF FORTUNE 2 is a sequel to the flagship slot game GOD OF FORTUNE but with some improvements and more stunning visuals. Set within a vibrant New Year atmosphere, the game embraces the presence of the God of Fortune, ensuring an exhilarating gaming experience that offers both relaxation and entertainment to players.

This slot delves into the themes of Chinese folklore, embracing symbols like the God of Wealth, jade pendants, and copper coins, all signifying auspiciousness and good luck. Upon landing 3 lion dance (Scatter) symbols consecutively from left to right on a specified payline, players can access the free spin game, with a chance to vie for a maximum bonus of up to 10,000x their initial bet. To heighten the gaming experience, players have the option to engage the "Turbo" feature, conveniently positioned at the lower right corner of the game interface. This function accelerates reel animation, swiftly revealing results in each round and expediting entry into subsequent spins for those seeking a faster-paced gaming session.

Three Kingdoms

THREE KINGDOMS by Lion King Slot is a 9-line game with a battlefield theme inspired by the Three Kingdoms era from China. When identical symbols align in the game's four corners, it triggers a fireball event, offering players a chance to win substantial rewards. All winnings pay from either left to right or right to left, multiplying the line bet by individual odds to determine the prize. Bright spots on normal symbols award symbol prizes, while those on special symbols yield corresponding prizes. Notably, winning combinations occur solely from the far left to the right or vice versa, providing an exhilarating gameplay experience that balances relaxation and entertainment for players.

Big Money

BIG MONEY embodies a New Year ambiance, boasting elements like Fa Da Cai, the God of Wealth bonus, ingots, and Fa Fa Fa. It offers an exhilarating gameplay experience, providing players with relaxation and entertainment.

Panther Moon

PANTHER MOON offers 15 lines, featuring added scatter rewards, free game reward wheels, and bonus rounds. Set against a midnight jungle backdrop, it showcases scroll symbols like leopard, owl, wolf, and dragonfly. Moreover, players have the opportunity to secure additional free games during an unlimited function period.

Great Blue

GREAT BLUE is a 25-line game offering extra scatter rewards, free game bonus rounds, and additional bonuses. Set against a backdrop of deep-sea creatures, it features scroll symbols including sharks, turtles, hippocampi, and alphanumeric characters.

Players stand to win up to 33 free spins or achieve multipliers as high as x15. Triggering 3 or more scatter points during free spins unlocks an additional 15 free spins. Moreover, the same trigger spin with a multiplier can unlock further free games during an unlimited feature period.

Upon gathering 5 Wild symbols concurrently, players can access the game's most substantial payout—a rewarding bonus equivalent to 10,000 times their original bet! 

Egypt Queen

EGYPT QUEEN features 15 lines and incorporates scatter bonuses, free game bonus rounds, and additional bonuses. The game's backdrop revolves around an Egyptian theme, portraying queens, mummies, and the enigmatic ambiance of Egypt. Within the free game rounds, the maximum multiplier can reach an impressive 125 times. Moreover, players have the chance to secure additional free games during an unlimited function period, providing a seamless blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Sign up for Winbox Account to Play Lion King Slot Games

Did Winbox’s Lion King slot games catch your eye? You can easily sign up for a Winbox account to play Lion King’s games with real money. Not to mention, we have a lucrative 100% Welcome Bonus exclusively for slot offerings! 

Game Responsibly on Winbox

Winbox88 is a licensed Malaysian online casino that puts importance into responsible gaming practices. We view them as a cornerstone of operational ethos. 

The platform places utmost importance on promoting responsible gambling behaviors among its user base. Through stringent measures and comprehensive guidelines, Winbox88 ensures that players are empowered with tools and resources to manage their gaming activities prudently. The casino's focus on responsible gaming extends to various initiatives, including player education, setting deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and proactive support systems. By integrating these practices into its core framework, Winbox aims to create a gaming environment where entertainment is balanced with a conscious approach towards player well-being.

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