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Hood vs Wolf Game Review

Updated: Apr 6

Hood vs. Wolf is an anime-themed online slot game that is highly popular among Winbox Malaysia players. Check out this article to learn more about this game!

Unveiling Slot Game - a Unique Tale

While the timeless story of Little Red Riding Hood may have been retold countless times, you've never encountered it quite like this before. Enter the fantastical realm of the Hood vs Wolf video slot, a creation that stands in a league of its own. Developed by the mobile-first slot experts at Pocket Games Soft, this one-of-a-kind online slot game is a must-try for any punter with a taste for originality.

winbox hood vs wolf pg soft slot

A Familiar Setup with a Special Twist

At first glance, Hood vs Wolf may appear to share similarities with many other online slot machines, offering 5-reels filled with paying symbols and 30 fixed paylines. However, the true magic of this game becomes evident when you dive deeper into its pay table and discover a plethora of features that are anything but ordinary.

Progressive bonus power bars, battles of rock, paper, and scissors, and free spins adorned with special features are all seamlessly blended into this unusual game, resulting in an experience that is as engaging as it is rewarding.

A Manga-Inspired Fantasy

Hood vs Wolf diverges significantly from the typical interpretations of the classic children's tale, such as NetEnt's Red Riding Hood video slot. With its high-quality graphics crafted in the popular Manga style of Japanese comics, this game feels more like a vibrant Japanese cartoon than a traditional slot machine. 

As you play, you'll be treated to an animated spectacle unfolding above the reels, where the Wolf and Hood engage in a fierce face-off. One growls with anger, while the other cries out for help in Japanese, all set to the backdrop of a rock-inspired guitar soundtrack that infuses a sense of action-movie excitement into the entire experience. It's an exceptionally unique concept that immerses you effortlessly into its world.

Choose Your Side

Before you witness epic battle scenes, you must first adjust the size of your stake. If you opt for the lowest line bet and the initial bet level, you can place the minimum bet of 0.30 credits. However, if you push all bet controls to the maximum, you'll find yourself wagering a total of 375 credits for a single spin (10 levels x 1.25 max line bet x 30 paylines).

The game boasts 16 different symbols that can grace your screen, yet only 11 of them hold the potential to reward you with cash prizes. The most coveted symbol is the wild card, which can yield prizes ranging from 10-500 times your payline bet, while also acting as a substitute for all symbols except the five special symbols.

If you manage to fill your screen with wild symbols, you'll unlock a jackpot worth 15,000 times your initial bet. The remaining picture symbols offer slightly less enticing prizes of 10-150 times your payline stake, while the four card symbols (A-K-Q-J) present even lower rewards, ranging from 3-30 times your line bet.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown

As you spin the reels, you'll also encounter numerous rock, paper, and scissors symbols. These special icons in Hood vs Wolf trigger random cash prizes. 

When a pair of any of these two symbols appears on the screen, the winning symbol (just as in the game itself) will reward you with a prize corresponding to it. Regrettably, these special icons only make appearances on the second and fourth reels of the game.

The Battle of Power Bars

Throughout your gaming session, the Wolf and Hood will engage in a relentless push-and-pull at the top of the screen, all while their respective power bars ebb and flow. Each opposing power bar consists of 18 individual bars, which can be filled by collecting the special Wolf Power and Hood Power symbols. 

With each Wolf Power symbol you collect, the Wolf's bar advances by one, while Hood's bar decreases by one, and vice versa. The one who successfully accumulates all 18 bars will trigger their respective free spins game.

Epic Free Spins Duels

Both free spins games play out in similar fashion, with slight differences in in-game special features. For instance, if Hood emerges victorious in the battle for power, the slot will transport you to a pre-game round where you'll engage in three rounds of rock, paper, and scissors against the Wolf. Each round you win will earn you 5 free spins, which will accumulate and be played out collectively once all three rounds conclude.

Transformative Spins

During every free spin you undertake, Hood will mark five different random positions on the screen. Should any wolf-related symbols land in these designated spots, they will be magically transformed into wild cards. The wolf's bonus game functions similarly, albeit with a single marked position on each free spin instead of five.


A Free Shot at the Wolf

As an online slot machine, Hood vs Wolf can be played for both real cash and in free-play mode. If you're keen to explore the game without committing real funds, you can try the free Hood vs Wolf slot available on this page. However, for those looking to chase actual winnings, signing up at a licensed online casino offering games from Pocket Games Soft is a necessary step.

Regardless of whether you're a newcomer to online gambling or a seasoned player, the process of signing up with an online casino is typically a straightforward endeavor. Your main tasks involve completing a new player registration form and verifying your email address, a process that generally takes just a few minutes.

Once your account is set up, you'll be ready to deposit funds into the casino using various secure payment methods and begin playing Hood vs Wolf with real money. Here's our Winbox Login portal. Leading online casino operators typically offer a wide array of secure banking options, ensuring convenient, instant, and fee-free deposits.


More Great Stories to Explore

While Hood vs Wolf undoubtedly stands out as an engaging slot game, Pocket Games Soft has more compelling titles in its catalog, each offering engaging gameplay and exciting bonus features. One such title is the Medusa II video slot, another creation from the studio that shares some similarities with Hood vs Wolf. Medusa II features 30 paylines and a progressive power bar that unlocks free spins bonuses, wild symbols, and random cash prizes bestowed by special symbols. Although it lacks the Manga comic design of Hood vs Wolf, Medusa II remains incredibly entertaining thanks to its unique and fantastic gameplay.

See the Legend Like Never Before

In a nutshell, Hood vs Wolf is an undeniably engaging slot machine that will particularly appeal to players seeking a blend of entertainment and prizes. Overall, the slot may not offer enormous payouts, with a maximum jackpot of only 15,000 times your initial bet, so significant returns may require substantial wagers. In the end, the decision hinges on whether you're content with modest returns while enjoying captivating gameplay or if you're chasing larger rewards. Hood vs Wolf offers a compelling experience regardless of your choice.


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